Sunday, November 21, 2010

New Book on Militias, Rebels and Islamist Militants

A new book, Militias, Rebels and Islamist Militants: Human Insecurity and State Crisis edited by Wafula Okumu and Augustine Ikelegbe has been published by the Institute for Security Studies (Pretoria, October 2010).

This seminal work explores how armed non-state groups have emerged as key players in African politics and armed conflicts since the 1990s. The book is a critical,multidisciplinary and comprehensive study of the threats that militias, rebels and Islamist militants pose to human security and the state in Africa. Through case studies utilising multidisciplinary approaches and concepts, analytical frameworks and perspectives cutting across the social sciences and humanities, the book conceptualises armed non-state groups in Africa through their links to the state.

My contribution to the book, (chapter 4)titled, 'Armed non-state entities in international law: status and challenges of accountability' (pages 89-119): attempts to distinguish the various categories of actors – national liberation movements, rebels and militia as well as other relevant groups – in legal context; reviews international law and the branches that are relevant to these groups – in particular rebel movements and militia groups;outlines the legislative responses by the African Union and United Nations to rebels and militia activities win the African context; and provides an overview of the breaches of international law committed by these groups and how international and national legal regimes have held them accountable, and some of the challenges of holding perpetrators accountable under international law.

The 552 page book is downloadable in full at

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