Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Transitional Justice Debate in Kenya Unfolds in Near Policy Vacuum and Ethnic Tension

When one dissects the transitional justice debate in Kenya, and the steps taken by the government so far, it becomes immediately apparent that the approach adopted with respect to the broader question of transitional justice is for the most part ad hoc and disjointed. The lack of a transitional justice policy, or a coordinated approach is a foundational problem for the accountability process in Kenya, which relates not only to addressing historical injustices since 1963, but also to a specific event - post electoral violence between 27 Dec 2007 and 28 Feb 2008. I have commented on the policy and political context in which this process is evolving in a working paper to Oxford University's Center for Socio-Legal Studies Transitional Justice Research Project, I will therefore not reproduce it here. Click on the title above, it will link you to that article ....

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