Sunday, August 9, 2009

Justice Minister Insists on Special Tribunal and MPs Bicker

Justice minister Mutula Kilonzo, has insisted that only a Special Tribunal conforms to international standards. The minister, who appears to be the lone champion of the special court in Cabinet was responding to accusations that he is pursuing a political agenda and that his position is aimed at 'eliminating the main contenders' in the succession battle to pave the way for Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka.

The Minister's comments came at a time when rifts in Cabinet are widening. Cabinet was said to meet to decide how to proceed with the proposal to revamp the mandate of the TJRC, which the Chair and Deputy Chair of the TJRC have allegedly opposed.

Meanwhile, two MPs are in the process of preparing a private members Bill to reintroduce the Bill establishing the Special Tribunal in Parliament should cabinet not act. A number of MPs who initially opposed the Special Tribunal are said to have changed their stand....

Meanwhile, religious leaders continue to insist that a mechanism to punish at least the key suspects is necessary for 'full justice'.

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